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Deirdre Fox Focuses Her Art on Environmental Issues of Sustainability and Reuse

Partner Deirdre Fox’s environmentally inspired art installations (see below) were featured at Mana Contemporary Miami in downtown Miami at the culmination of Ms. Fox’s May artist residency in May.  Ms. Fox turned plastic bags, bottles and other scraps into room size site-specific wall drawings in the converted mall in Downtown Miami.  The colorful displays drew attention to the near-permanent nature of what is considered disposable.  Ms. Fox is committed to sustainability and reuse.

Ms. Fox was selected to participate in Mana Professional: Miami Residency 2018, an artist residency program developed by Mana Contemporary Chicago, in partnership with the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation & the ESKFF Print @ Mana Award.  The program was anchored by a three-week residency at Mana Miami, where Ms. Fox and other artists worked in the studio and visited with local curators and arts professionals.

For more information, see http://www.manacontemporarychicago.com/miamiresidency/


                                                                                 Path of Least Resistance by Deirdre A. Fox                


                                                                                      Brief Moment by Deirdre A. Fox