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George Sax Serves as Midwest Lead for Stanford Law School Reunion Committee

Attorney George D. Sax served as the Midwest Lead for the 15th Reunion of Stanford Law School’s Class of 2003.  The Reunion was held on October 26-28, 2018 in Stanford and Palo Alto, California, and coincided with the 125th Year Anniversary of the Law School.   The Firm congratulates George and his classmates on their 15th anniversary, and also wishes the Law School a happy 125th birthday! Reunion and anniversary events included a fireside chat between Law School Dean M. Elizabeth Magill and recently retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy; a live SiriusXM podcast featuring Slate Supreme Court Report Dahlia Lithwick and members of the Stanford Law Faculty; and a panel discussion among alumnae in the sports and media fields about the recent heightened awareness of employment issues affecting women.  The full list of events is  listed here:  https://law.stanford.edu/class-of-2003/ .

Photographs of major events are available here: https://law.stanford.edu/press/high-profile-speakers-visit-stanford-law-in-run-up-to-alumni-weekend/ and here  https://conferences.law.stanford.edu/alumni-weekend-2018/sessions/sls-panel-sports-media-and-the-metoo-movement/ .