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Sarah Marmor Serves as Editor of New DRI Book

Partner Sarah Marmor is the lead editor of a new book, Law Firm Practice Management.  Published by DRI as part of its Defense Library Series, the book provides insights about how small and medium-sized firm should be formed and managed to thrive in these challenging times. Far from a doom and gloom assessment, though, the book highlights ways in which small and medium sized firms increasingly can compete for the best legal work as efficient and skilled alternatives to sometimes unwieldy and expensive larger firms.  Ms. Marmor is one of three editors of the book, along with two other partners in smaller firms in California and Louisiana.  The book covers several topic areas, including Structuring Small and Mid Size Firms, Marketing, and Firm Culture. In addition to her editing duties, Ms. Marmor also contributed a chapter that discusses a topic close to home for Scharf Banks Marmor LLC: "Taking the Reins in Your Own Hands: Establishing a Minority or Women-Owned Law Firm."