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Women as First Chairs at Trial: Is the Pipeline Enough?

Law360 just published its "Trial Aces" list, which consists of 50 lawyers nationwide, 8 of whom are women.  The number is telling,  especially when viewed in the context of the new American Bar Association/American Bar Foundation report prepared by me and my ABA colleague Bobbi Liebenberg, showing that women are not taking lead trial roles anywhere close to the numbers we had expected based on women in the legal profession. 

Hear the authors speak about the findings in the research and implications for the legal profession moving forward.  Listen here

What is the lesson learned?  A pipeline approach is not enough.  Even when the pipeline is full, there are barriers to achieving senior roles in law firms and on client matters.  Read:  First Chairs at Trial More Women Need Seats at the Table to see what lawyers, their firms, their clients, their law schools, and judges can do  -- and why it is important to be proactive about change.