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In late May 2021, the Illinois legislature passed a new bill that, if signed into law as expected, will have some significant impacts on Illinois restrictive covenant agreements. Written by: Sarah R. Marmor
The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the landscape for U.S. employers in myriad ways in the last month, and some of the rules applying to disability law, workplace safety, and employee health considerations have followed suit – although not as much as some may think. Written by Sarah R. Marmor
On September 29, 2019, amendments to the Illinois Equal Pay Act went into effect. The changes limit the use of wage or salary histories in hiring. Employers will need to review their hiring practices and forms to ensure compliance with the amendments. Written by Suzanne Milne Alexander
The procedure for identifying and pursuing defendants in Illinois is unusual (if not unique) among the states. Zealous litigators may find themselves hamstrung by the Statute’s procedural limitations. Understanding the Statute and its implications is the first step to providing sound strategic guidance to clients. Written by Morgan Churma
The Northern District of Illinois has implemented a pilot program designed to front load answers to complaints and initial discovery. Written by George D. Sax
Many commentators have seen the NLRB’s various public pronouncements severely limiting employers’ ability to fire employees for often demeaning and intemperate social media criticisms of managers and their employers. Written by Sarah R. Marmor
As today’s New York Times reflects, some of the US’s most innovative companies are expanding parental leave policies in moves that are light years ahead of the law. Written by Sarah R. Marmor
Banks asked to explain how they failed to detect the large payments of bribes in the FIFA soccer/football scandal. Written by Christian Liipfert
The new entrant to the Wall Street market for secure instant messaging may be too secure. Written by Christian Liipfert
It’s like a fat doctor telling you to go on a diet. Written by Christian Liipfert
Partner Ted Banks and Kathryn Hartick, vice president and general counsel at Robertson Lowstuter blog about tip for your first in-house job on ACC website. Written by Theodore L. Banks
Antitrust and Competition Law: Where Is It Going in 2015? Written by Theodore L. Banks
Do you have an idea for a new food product? Great! But what are you going to call it?
Although securities class actions are not growing in number, according to a recent poll, there are changes ahead
Consumer fraud class actions are costly to defend because they typically involve multiple plaintiffs, expensive discovery, and high financial and reputational stakes.
One of the ways to get a good result in litigation is knowing when to focus on which details and when not to.
Firm lawyers write amicus brief asking court to vacate largest judgment ever entered in Illinois
Recent actions by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) challenging the by-laws of trade associations should therefore come as no surprise to anyone, yet some commentators have tried to ridicule the FTC’s actions. Written by Theodore L. Banks