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Pay Equity

For leading national and global entities, insuring pay equity has become a business priority. The reasons are both compelling and practical. With an increasingly diverse workforce and customer base, corporations must attract and retain the  best available  talent to  gain and  ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. New federal and state rules aimed at corporate employers call for the elimination of pay disparities for women and minorities. Corporate codes of conduct increasingly include commitments to pay equity. Corporate constituents and stakeholders, inside and outside the company, are pressing for a demonstrated commitment to pay equity with meaningful results. All of these forces call for policies and practices that fully support a corporation's commitment to achieving pay equity.

Our Services for Corporate Clients

In line with growing corporate initiatives, our Pay Equity Practice provides experienced professionals to counsel business, legal and HR executives on a panoply of pay equity matters. As a certified women-owned business, we are especially sensitive to the business need for pay equity and the factors that enhance a successful pay equity program. All of our services are provided in the context of attorney-client privileged communications.

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Our Pay Equity team advises on

  • Strategies and best practices for implementing pay equity program
  • Key sources of information for evaluating and updating pay equity programs
  • Strategic use of data analytics
  • Potential legal risks and methods for risk mitigation
  • Creating effective multi-media training formats for multiple levels of the company
  • The impact of corporate culture on retention and advancement of women and minorities
  • Enhancing corporate policies and practices to increase recruitment, retention and promotion of women and minorities in management and senior positions

We stand out for our

  • Multidisciplinary and practical business perspectives
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines at all phases of the project
  • Experience advising C-suite and senior levels of management
  • Range of counseling to large national and global enterprises on employment, compliance, and HR matters
  • National reputations as thought leaders on issues of pay equity and compliance
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the touchpoints for advancement of women and minority employees

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