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Clients are delighted with the combination of our large firm sensibility, small firm agility and our deep understanding of how their businesses work.

Practice Areas

  • Corporate
  • Education Law
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Complex Litigation
  • Real Estate


  • J.D., University of Chicago Law School, 1985

  • L.L.M., Real Estate, UIC Law School, 2008

  • B.A., Harvard College


  • Hon. Harry D. Leinenweber, United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
  • William S. White, Illinois Appellate Court

Admissions and Qualifications

  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • California
  • Supreme Court of the United States
  • U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

Prior Experience

  • Hardwick Law Firm - Counsel (2013-2016)
  • City Colleges of Chicago - Associate General Counsel (2010-2013)
  • Draper & Kramer - Sr. Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary (2002-2009)
  • MGM - Executive Vice President (1995-1998)
  • White & Case - Attorney (1989-1994)

Rebecca L. Ford


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Publishing & Speaking

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Movie Review​s

  • "Joker Goes Deeper than a Comic Book but Still Proves Entertaining,"
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 11,2019. "Joker" Review
  • "Zellweger Brings Judy Alive the Sadness Tragedy and Tears," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 4, 2019. "Judy" Review
  • "Oscar-worthy J. Lo Steals the Show in Heist Film Hustlers," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, September 20, 2019. "Hustlers" Review
  • "Tarantino's Latest Takes a More Subdued Approach," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    August 2, 2019. "Once Upon a Time" Review
  • "Beatles-Inspired Yesterday is Nice Just Don't Overthink It," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    July 12, 2019. "Yesterday" Review
  • "Rocketman Takes Us On a Trip to Elton John's Highs and Lows," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 14, 2019. "Rocketman" Review
  • "Poignant Booksmart Sets Tone for New Generation," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    May 31, 2019. "Booksmart" Review
  • "Summer's Big Screen Action Make Your Plans Accordingly,"
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 17, 2019. Summer's Big Screen Review
  • "Her Smell a Story of Addictions toll," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, April 26, 2019.
    "Her Smell" Review
  • "Music Reigns in Pop-Filled Teen Spirit," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, April 19,2019.
    "Teen Spirit" Review
  • "History Isn't Kind to the Original Dumbo Remake Sidesteps Issue," 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, April 12, 2019. "Dumbo" Review
  • "Peele May Leave You Puzzled in Powerful Us," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 
    March 29, 2019. "Us" Review
  • "A Low-Stakes Captain Marvel Backstory Now to Save the Universe Later," 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, March 15, 2019. "Captain Marvel" Review
  • "Close But No Cigar Where's the Academy's Love for Glenn?" 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, March 8, 2019. "The Wife" Review
  • "A Best Picture Nominees Refresher," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, February 22, 2019.
    "A Best Picture Nominees Refresher" Review
  • "Having Such a Good Time Having a Ball at Bohemian Rhapsody," 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, February 1,2019. "Bohemian Rhapsody" Review
  • "Irony Doesn't Stay Ironic in Adam McKay's Vice," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 
    January 24, 2019. "Vice" Review
  • "On the Basis of Sex Shows How a Real Star is Born," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    January 11, 2019. "On the Basis of Sex" Review 
  • "Visually Beautiful Palace Intrigue in 'Favourite," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    December 28, 2018. "The Favourite" Review 
  • "I Won't Remember the Soundtrack 54 Years From Now," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, December 24, 2018. "Mary Poppins Returns" Review 
  •  "More About the Man, Less About the Moon," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    November 2, 2018. "First Man" Review 
  •  "Even in Fourth Iteration, A Star is Born Still Shines," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    October 12, 2018. "A Star is Born" Review 
  • "Monsters and Men Humanizes Both Police and Shooting Victims,"
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 5, 2018. "Monsters and Men" Review
  • "Michael Moore Gives us Reason to Think," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, September 28, 2018. "Fahrenheit 9/11" Review
  • "Operation Finale Spy Thriller Has a Ben Kingsley Problem," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, September 7, 2018. "Operation Finale" Review
  • "An American Fairy Tale Exported to Singapore," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    August 31, 2018. "Crazy Rich Asians" Review 
  • "In Black Klansman Spike Lee's Opposite of a Post-Racial American," 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 24, 2018.  "Black Klansman" Review
  • "Eighth Grade Shows How Modern-Day Teen Bare Their Soul," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 10, 2018.  "Eighth Grade" Review
  • "As Tom Cruise Is Pushed to His Physical Limit in Fallout So Is the Audience,"
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 3, 2018. "Mission Impossible -Fallout" Review 
  • "Del Toro Shines as Border-Battling Hitman in Sicario Sequel," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 29, 2018. "Sicario: Day of the Soldado" Review 
  • "Remake of SuperFly Out-Blings the Orginal," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 22, 2018. "SuperFly" Review 
  • "Instead of Ocean, Plenty of Other Fish in the Sea," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    June 15, 2018. "Ocean's 8" Review 
  • "One Man's Path: Good Fashion, Good Manners and Good Preparation,"
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 8, 2018. "The Gospel Acording to Andre" Review 
  • "Solo Laden With Generation's High Expectations," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 1, 2018. "Solo" Review 
  • "Book Club Hits Perfect Demographic," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 25, 2018. 
    "Book Club" Review
  • "RBG Film Shows Decades of Hustle Behind the Justice We Know,"
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 18, 2018. "RBG" Review 
  • "Death of Stalin Almost a Soviet Spin on Veep," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    March 30, 2018. "Death of Stalin" Review 
  • "Annihilation Taps Into Fear of Quickly Changing World," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    March 16, 2018. "Annihilation" Review
  • "Alt-Right Fantasy Death Wish Too Far for NRA," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    March 9, 2018. "Death Wish" Review
  • "It's Time to Fill Out Your Ballot for the Oscars," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, March 2, 2018. Fill Out Your Ballot 
  • "Black Panther is Obama Take on Trump Times," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    February 16th, 2018. "Black Panther" Review
  • "Predicting the Winner Behind the Scenes," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, February 13, 2018. "Predicting the Winners"
  • "On the Oscars: The Best Picture Nominees," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, February 02, 2018. "Oscars Article"
  • "Skywalkers Don't Trod New Ground in Familiar Last Jedi'," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, December 29, 2017. "Last Jedi" Review 
  • "New Del Toro is a Romance From the Black Lagoon," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    December 15, 2017. "Shape of Water" Review
  • "Unpredictable and Creative Expect to Find Three Billboards at the Oscars," 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, December 8, 2017. "Three Billboards" Review
  • "Latest Thor Film Heavy on Bloodline Light on Storyline," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, November 17, 2017. "Thor: Ragnarok" Review 
  • "Denzel Washington Film Gets Law Right," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    November 10, 2017. "Roman J. Israel, Esq." Review 
  • "In Suburbicon an Uncomfortable Mix of Film Elements," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, November 3, 2017. "Suburbicon" Review 
  • "Jackie Chan Shows Off His Darker Side," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 27, 2017. 
    "The Foreigner" Review 
  • "Florida Explores Life in Shadow of Disney," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    October 20, 2017. "Florida" Review
  • "Real-Life Underdog Tale in Marshall Shows Future Justice’s Legal Prowess," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 13, 2017. "Marshall" Review
  • "Lawyer Dad Handled the Investigation. His Director Son Made the Action Film," 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 6, 2017. "American Made" Review 
  • "Emma Stone Serves up Billie Jean King," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    September 29, 2017."Battle of the Sexes" Review 
  • "A Bizarre Fever Dream of a Film in Mother!," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    September 22, 2017. "Mother" Review 
  • "Stiller’s Brad Reflects All of Us Good and Bad," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    September 15, 2017. "Brad's Status" Review
  • "Visuals Eclipse Storytelling in Tulip Fever," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    September 8, 2017. "Tulip Fever" Review 
  • "Potholes and Plot Holes Abound in Good-Humored Crime Flick Logan Lucky," 
    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, September 1, 2017. "Logan Lucky" Review
  • "Maudie Tale Built on Artist’s Own Escape," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    August 25, 2017. "Maudie" Review 
  • "Wind River Reveals Mystery Desolation on the Reservation," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 18, 2017. "Wind River" Review
  • "Don’t Take Grandma on This Girls Trip" Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 11, 2017. 
    "Girls Trip" Review
  • "Unapologetic In-Your-Face Atrocities retold in Detroit Spotlight Social Failure," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, August 4, 2017. "Detroit" Review 
  • "Unapologetically British Film Dunkirk Doesn't Gamorize Warfare," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, July 28th, 2017. "Dunkirk" Review 
  • "War Flick in Apes Franchise Doesn’t Fit the Typical War Mold," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, July 21, 2017. "War for the Planet of the Apes" Review 
  • "The First Truly Trump-era Movie: Spider-Man," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    July 14, 2017. "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Review
  • "Baby Driver has Virtue Without Condescension," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    July 7, 2017. "Baby Driver" Review 
  • "Civil War Film Beguiled Gets Reimagined from New Point of View," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 30, 2017. "The Beguiled" Review 
  • "As Boomer Generation’s Stars Age Hero Shows Gray Can Still be Golden," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 23, 2017. "Hero" Review
  • "Jam-Packed Comic Cast Can’t Revive Rough Night," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    June 16, 2017. "Rough Night" Review
  • "Gadot’s Role Shows Rare Superhero Combo of Capability, Compassion," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, June 9, 2017. "Wonder Woman" Review
  • "Norman Could be Role of a Lifetime for Gere," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    June 2, 2017. "Norman" Review
  • "Don’t Look for Depth in Snatched But Find Some Laughs," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    May 26, 2017. "Snatched" Review
  • "The Gigantic Summer Blockbuster You Probably Haven’t Head of Yet," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 19, 2017. "Baahubali 2: The Conclusion" Review 
  • "The Part That Follows Happily Ever After on Display in The Lovers." Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 12, 2017. "The Lovers" Review
  • "The Circle Taps into Surveillance Culture Angst," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    May 5, 2017.  "The Circle" Review 
  • "Is The Promise More a Wartime History Lesson or Love Story?," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, May 1, 2017. "The Promise" Review
  • "Adventurous Lost City Reflects on Legacy, Life’s Purpose," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    April 21, 2017. "The Lost City of Z" Review
  • "Zookeepers Wife Builds Strong Drama from a True Story," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    April 7, 2017. "Zookeepers Wife" Review 
  • "T2 Doesn't Pack the Same Rush as its 1996 Precursor," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    March 31, 2017. "T2 Trainspotting" Review
  • "Disney Goes Deep in Beauty Redux," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, March 24, 2017.
    "Beauty and the Beast" Review 
  • "Peele Unleashes Serious Cinematic Skills in Get Out," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    March 3, 2017. "Get Out" Review 
  • "Indie Film Paterson Parallels Pee-Wee," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    January 13, 2017. "Paterson" Review
  • "Hidden Figures Tells an Inspiring History Left Untold," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 
    January 6, 2017. "Hidden Figures" Review 
  • "Fences Makes Graceful Leap from Stage To Screen," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, December 30, 2016. "Fences" Review
  • "La La Land Revives a Musical Flim Genre," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    December 23, 2016. "La La Land" Review
  • "First Lady's Private Grief Becomes Public in New Larrain Film," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, December16, 2016. "Jackie" Review
  • "Nocturnal Animals Effectively a Movie Within a Movie," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, December 9, 2016. "Nocturnal Animals" Review
  • "Manchester Lets the Other Affleck Brother Shine," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,
    December 1, 2016. "Manchester by the Sea" Review
  • "Born from a Satirical Novel Billy Lynn Becomes a Sincere Film," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, November 25, 2016. "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" Review
  • "Loving less About Landmark Care More About Couple Behind it," Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, November 18, 2016. "Loving" Review 

Publications: Legal

  • "Condominium Construction Finance," Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2009.
  • "Economic Prosperity, Women and Access to Credit: Best Practices in the Financial Markets," Co-authored with Glenn Yago and Judith GordonMilken Institute, October 4, 2000.
  • "The Bend in the River," Milken Institute Review, 1999.
  • "Member of the Club," The American Lawyer, 1995.
  • "Ancillary Business Practices," ABA Committee on Ethics and Professionalism Newsletter, 1993.
  • Freelance entertainment writer and book reviewer, Chicago Tribune, 2002.
  • Theater Critic, Chicago Reader.
  • Book, Film, and Theater Critic, New York Law Journal.